Auger Hydraulic Towable (E05)

The Ground Hog HD99 is a Towable Hydraulic Earthdrill that is designed to be powerful, easy to use and require very little maintenance.
The HD99 is the most powerful earthdrill in the Ground Hog line.

9 HP Engine.


Auger Speed: 140 rpm @ 3600 engine rpm (no load)
Auger Torque: 275 ft. lbs. torque (approximate)
Maximum Depth: Depends on length of Auger
Weight: 295 lbs. (134 kg) (with fluids)
Length: Normal Drilling 100 inches(253 cm)
Length: Close-up Drilling 75 inches (190 cm)
Width: 34 inches (86 cm)
Height: 38 inches (96 cm)

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